Offline Music Player

Download your favorite songs on your phone and listen to them without any internet. The Offline Music Player lets you sync your audio files across all of your iOS and MacOS devices.

The latest update introduces support for Siri, so enjoying your favorite songs is just a voice command away.

Gif Maker

Create GIF anytime using GIF Maker. It will be your favorite go-to app for making GIFs. GIF maker can easily convert any video into GIFs. You can easily customize your GIFs using this app. Also, you can share your GIF anywhere.

Offline Music & Videos

Listen to your favorite music on the go without worrying about internet connectivity. Seamlessly designed and intuitive, this app allows you to create your personalized music library and carry it wherever you travel.

My Love & Relationship Tracker


“My Love” is the secret keepsake of your love. Surprise your partner with the appropriate love quotes and texts . It helped million of couples to improve their relationship.

Video Manager


Save your favorite videos and play them offline anytime anywhere.

IG Story Maker

Story Makr lets your story stand out in the easiest way. Choose one of our templates and customize them in a few minutes. New templates are added frequently.

Music & Streaming

Listen to your favorite songs online without paying for a subscription. The Music & Streaming app lets you search for songs and listen to them for free. It also allows you to download the songs and listen to them when you’re not connected to the Internet.